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“Revolutionizing Vehicle Manufacturing: In-Engine’s 500cc Single-Stroke Engine Unveiled”

Unveiling In-Engine’s Game-Changing 500cc Single-Stroke Engine

A Spanish company has developed a new single-stroke engine – a 500cc engine with 120 horsepower – creating a huge leap in the field of vehicle engine manufacturing. The weight is only 35 kg, a discovery that may bring huge changes in the field of electric vehicle manufacturing.

1. Power and Efficiency: 120 Horsepower in a 35 kg Package

A Spanish company with a new engine design that may bring a huge breakthrough in the field of vehicle engine manufacturing. The 500cc engine, with 120 horsepower, weighs just 35 kg and is 19 inches long and 11 inches tall. Reports say that the engine is very efficient. Although it is said to be a single-stroke engine, it is actually a two-stroke engine. However, it will be a highly efficient one that overcomes all the apparent shortcomings of two-stroke engines. In-Engine, a company based in Granada, Spain, is behind the development of an engine that could revolutionize the automotive industry. This company also owns the patent for it.

2. Unique Design: Opposite Cylinder Arrangement for Enhanced Performance

This engine has four cylinder banks and eight pistons. However, unlike normal automobile engines, the pistons are arranged in opposite directions to each other, so their movement is also in the opposite direction. In normal engines, the action of the piston is against the head fixed above it. But in this engine, each cylinder is directly opposite the cylinder opposite it and moves after each compression stroke. The alignment of the cylinders is opposite to each other.

3. Low Noise, Low Vibration: Advantages Over Traditional Engines

It has eight pistons but only the sound of a four-cylinder engine, resulting in less noise pollution. Instead of the semicircular wave frequency, it sits on rollers that move up and down a plate. This plate can be adjusted to change the ratio of engine timing as well as the compression ratio. When this lobe reaches its peak point, the piston moves to its top dead center, where fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber between the cylinders, and air is introduced through the spark plug. The fuel ignites the mixture. In this way, the mechanical configuration is improved, leading to better engine balance and less noise and vibration.

Concerns and Considerations:

However, steps towards engine cooling are still under development. While the engine demonstrates impressive features, challenges such as the ongoing development of engine cooling mechanisms need to be addressed. Market dynamics, influenced by major companies, also play a crucial role in determining the speed of disruptive changes.


Its areas of application at the practical level may be even wider. Moreover, it may invigorate the EV industry in the current scenario. Its compact design and noiseless operation may prove to be a great range extender in EVs, attracting customers who are deterred by the lack of infrastructure such as charging stations and high prices. It can also be useful in the field of aviation, as its lightweight and fuel efficiency make it a valuable asset in this sector. Currently, all existing drones have a flight time limited to minutes, but this engine overcomes these limitations to increase flight time. Its development may make drones more efficient in the fields of essential medicines, emergency supplies, and emergency rescue missions. However, there is concern that all such innovations may be excluded because they are not led by leading companies. The main features of this engine are very low engine vibration, more efficient engine operation due to better utilization of thermal energy, the possibility of introducing all-wheel drive in vehicles at a lower cost, and the ability to use different fuels without significant changes to the engine. It will be better and more powerful than existing engine models. The speed at which these disruptive changes take effect will also depend on the interests of the big-name companies. We have to wait and see if this new development will be effective and if there will be a significant change in this field.

In-Engine’s 500cc single-stroke engine presents a compelling case for transforming the automotive and related industries. As development progresses, its impact on the market and the degree of change it brings remain subjects of keen interest. Only time will reveal the true extent of this innovative leap in vehicle engine manufacturing.

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