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Lenovo introduced their new laptop IdeaPad Slim 5 Intel

Meet the new perfect tech companion, the Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 5. This elegantly designed new Lenovo laptop has a 40.64 cm display and a powerful Core Ultra 5 processor with a smooth Cloud Grey finish. Its fast performance and crisp and clear screen are ideal for work and play. The IdeaPad Slim 5 promises a […]

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AI Breakthrough Tech news

AI redefines fashion

“Artificial Intelligence impacts only technology.”. Is this statement a myth or fact?Definitely it’s a myth! AI influences all industries and domains. Of course fashion is noexception. In fact it can transform all the aspects of fashion. So isn’t it interesting to knowthe ways in which AI can change your looks? If yes let’s dive in […]

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Space Astronamy Tech news

Breaking News: NASA’s Ingenious Strategy for Martian Rock Retrieval – A Game Changer for Space Exploration

NASA is on the lookout for novel & ingenious ways to bring back rock samples from Mars. Partnering with firms like SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Lockheed, they aim to explore fresh methods to make this mission happen quicker and at a lower cost. SpaceX is delving into how its Starship rocket might aid the Mars […]

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Tech news Space Astronamy

The Future of Space Travel: The World’s First 3D-Printed Rocket Engine – A Milestone Indian Space Missions Latest TechNews

The advanced technology can cut costs in space travel Taking a giant leap towards the future of space travel, the field of aerospace has seen a remarkable transformation thanks to AgniKul Cosmos. This cutting-edge Indian aerospace manufacturer operates out of the National Centre for Combustion Research and Development at IIT Madras, Chennai. With ambitious goals, […]

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AI Breakthrough Tech news

How to Prevent AI-Powered Scams and Protect Yourself

Artificial intelligence (AI) driven scams are becoming more crafty and cunning in the digital sphere. AI has made a significant impact in every field. However, there has also been an increase in the fraudulent use of technology.  Con artists use AI to create spam calls, believable emails and messages that look to be from reliable […]

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Tech news AI Breakthrough

Meta Ai is now on Whatsapp

Meta AI on WhatsApp is a new feature that lets you chat with an AI to get help and information easily. To use it, simply open WhatsApp and type your requests or questions in a new chat window with the Meta AI chatbot. The AI will take care of your tasks or promptly respond with […]

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