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Xiaomi POCO F6 Pro

The Xiaomi brand introduced a new advanced Poco F6 Pro smartphone and it was successfully launched on 23rd of May 2024. It is the next smartphone in the series of F. Poco phones are quite famous for their high quality features with affordable prices. Powerful processors, large RAM capacities, impressive camera setups, long lasting batteries […]

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How Does Mobile Phones Affect Sleep Quality?

Introduction: The impact of mobile phones on sleep quality. Blue light exposure disrupts melatonin production and sleep cycles mobile-phone-impact-on-sleep Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives, but how do they affect our sleep quality? This article explores the potential risks and benefits of using mobile phones to improve our sleep health. The […]

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Negative Impact of Mobile Phone

“All are happy,but I’m not The FOMO Effect No one can ignore the effects and negative impact of mobile phone of social media in the digital era.  The platform gives individuals numerous options to share anything and everything by a single click.  Naturally social media has revolutionized the way we communicate and connect.  The impact […]

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Why It’s Important to Set Boundaries with Your Phone

Introduction: The Significance of Establishing Boundaries with Mobile Phone Usage In today’s world, our phones are like our best friends. We use them for everything from chatting with friends to watching videos. But spending too much time on our phones can actually be bad for us. That’s why it’s important to set boundaries and find […]

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New mobile launch

5 Upcoming Mobile Launches in March 2024

Tech fans are expecting the release of upcoming mobile launches in March 2024 with great excitement. Excitement rises with every release, fueled by promises of advanced capabilities and creative designs.  The powerful and elegant Samsung Galaxy S15 is one of the most anticipated phones, with revolutionary camera technologies promised. Apple iPhone 15 is expected to […]

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This New Mobile Release Will Blow Your Mind – Find Out the Date and Price Now

Brand Approximate Price Rs Expected Launch month New Mobile Phones on their way The demand for mobile phones always matches its supply! To be more precise, the mobile market always introduces unique models with novel features. And the users are always ready to try these new ones. So demand and supply go hand in hand. […]

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