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The Big Ways Technology Will Touch Your Life in 2024

Technology of the present follows us everywhere like a shadow. However, it’s not always an evil stalker! In 2024, let’s explore how technology will impact our lives. Make a call as quickly as light Can you remember phone conversations? Indeed, they are real, but right now, video calling and instant messaging are the big boys. With just one touch, you […]

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How Does Mobile Phones Affect Sleep Quality?

Introduction: The impact of mobile phones on sleep quality. Blue light exposure disrupts melatonin production and sleep cycles mobile-phone-impact-on-sleep Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives, but how do they affect our sleep quality? This article explores the potential risks and benefits of using mobile phones to improve our sleep health. The […]

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Ultimate Car Maintenance Checklist: Keep Your Vehicle Running Smoothly

Regular car maintenance is similar to giving your vehicle a relaxing day. It helps to run the vechicle smoothly and helps to prevent unexpected breakdowns while driving. Consider it a way to show your car some care, keeping it in top condition for all your adventures. The ultimate car maintenance checklist is a must have […]

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Researchers Develop New Technique To Measure Blood Glucose Using Smartphone

Researchers recently introduced a revolutionary technique that allows people to measure their blood glucose levels using only a smartphone. The new technique to measure blood glucose using smartphones taking advantage of the current capabilities of smartphones is the one which makes it possible for people living with diabetes to monitor their health accurately wherever they […]

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Apple’s Safari browser is about to get a major upgrade – here’s what you need to know

Apple is reportedly planning to introduce several changes to its Safari browser’s user interface, which includes a new filter system for web browsers and an intelligent website search feature supported by AI. These updates are likely to be available for consumers with the next Apple mobile operating system, iOS 18, and a new version of […]

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Negative Impact of Mobile Phone

“All are happy,but I’m not The FOMO Effect No one can ignore the effects and negative impact of mobile phone of social media in the digital era.  The platform gives individuals numerous options to share anything and everything by a single click.  Naturally social media has revolutionized the way we communicate and connect.  The impact […]

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