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Best automation tools for boosting business productivity

Life becomes busier and technology gets advanced in each second. Therefore, it is important to find solutions for making our daily tasks and optimizing our productivity. Automation tools is a useful software application or platform that may automate jobs that are repetitive, streamline processes, and maximize productivity. Automation tools help both in simple task schedulers […]

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No Internet Connection? Here is How You Can Still Watch Netflix Movies and Shows

The use of Netflix is incredibly increasing nowadays; it has become the preferred streaming platform. It provides the ability to broadcast material at any time anywhere.  We occasionally find ourselves faced with situations when we would still like to watch our favourite Netflix series or films but do not have an online connection. Maybe because […]

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How to change the screen refresh rate on gaming laptops

For laptops intended for gaming, the change in screen refresh rate is similar to modifying the speed at which the image updates.  It can be adjusted to go faster or slower based on your needs, similar to shifting gears on a bike.  Usually, you access the display settings on your gaming laptop to accomplish this. […]

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iPhone Tips and tricks

Volume buttons become more comfy. Volume buttons are not meant only to turn up volume especially if you are using an iPhone. Let’s look into few interesting features. 1.Restart There may be an instance when your phone is frozen. So it needs a reset. Don’t panic. Just press the volume up and down buttons, then […]

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Car news Tech Tips Vehicle tips & maintenance

“Drive Stress-Free: 8 Must-Know Vehicle Maintenance Hacks for Smooth Journeys!”

Proper car maintenance is essential to keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently for years to come. By following a comprehensive maintenance checklist and staying on top of routine tasks, you can prevent costly repairs and unexpected breakdowns. In this guide, we will explore the importance of regular car maintenance, the key components to include […]

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Vehicle tips & maintenance Tech Tips techmacknews

“10 Essential Maintenance tech tips to Keep Your Car/bike Running Smoothly”

Do you have a maintenance schedule for your vehicle?  If not, have one and precisely follow the same.  Needless to say, such a disciplined system ensures better life and performance.  Moreover, your car enjoys a better resale value.  Isn’t it an extra bonus?  But you may not be aware of what exactly are to be […]

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