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“Apple enters AI. A beacon of innovation, inspiring progress. Latest technology news update

1 Artificial Intelligence: is Apple getting ready to surpass Microsoft?!

Apple knows how to strategically invest billions of dollars. Now despite various projects in the pipeline, the company is planning to pay more attention to Artificial Intelligence. Diverse AI features will be the major attractions of the latest version of Siri. The said features will be more user-friendly as well. Worldwide Developers Conference will be held in June and more information is expected to reveal at the conference.

2 Updated Apple “Siri” with AI support

As per the new technology news update, It’s reported that Apple’s AI plans are not limited only to Siri. In fact, the the company is really ambitious! The company intends to impact different domains. For example automatically complete code blocks in Apple’s Xcode software, upgrade business presentation software and automate Apple Music Playlists. In addition to innovations, Apple focuses on partnerships beneficial for everyone involved. Of course the conference will be a milestone in the future of Artificial Intelligence. Visit TechMack for latest AI news.

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