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iPhone Tips and tricks

Volume buttons become more comfy.

Volume buttons are not meant only to turn up volume especially if you are using an iPhone. Let’s look into few interesting features.


There may be an instance when your phone is frozen. So it needs a reset. Don’t panic. Just press the volume up and down buttons, then the side lock button till the Apple logo is displayed.

2.Alarm Clock

It’s not easy to find ‘snooze’ if the alarm rings when you are partially asleep. Then just press the volume button. The alarm will be snoozed. The same button can be used to turn off the alarm. Have a sound sleep!

3.Take photos and videos

By pressing the volume button you can take both photos and videos. And the job is over once the button is released.


There is a document. scanner in iPhone. You can make it work by pressing the volume button. This scanner works in certain apps; Mail, Notes, Reminders and Files.

5.Silence calls

Incoming calls can be silenced by pressing the volume button. In the same manner, vibration can also be silenced. Let’s start experiencing the special features!

image credit go to: Image by <a href=”https://www.freepik.com/free-photo/elegant-smartphone-composition_27375387.htm#&position=13&from_view=search&track=ais&uuid=da040e9b-cf13-44fb-9446-afcb37adac0b”>Freepik</a>

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