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AI redefines fashion

“Artificial Intelligence impacts only technology.”. Is this statement a myth or fact?
Definitely it’s a myth! AI influences all industries and domains. Of course fashion is no
exception. In fact it can transform all the aspects of fashion. So isn’t it interesting to know
the ways in which AI can change your looks? If yes let’s dive in for the details.
Continued reading will give you a better insight.

AI Fashion
AI Fashion


Appealing designs are derived from creative minds. At the same time in this new era, AI
replaces human intuition and creativity to a great extent. Many may argue that a tool can’t
match our brain or surpass human intelligence. Of course they are right. However, AI is
capable to develop new designs by analysing the preferences of customers, their buying
habits and other significant components.


Efficient supply chain

We can reach fairly accurate assumptions on the future trends by scrutinizing the prevailing
demand for various products.
AI plays a significant role in preparing a dependable action plan to manufacture only the
needed ones. Such a move helps you prevent any kind of extravaganza. Moreover, the
demand and supply of diverse fashion products really match. The process makes the system
more proficient and eventually adds to profits.

Attention to details

Customers’ buying habits and patterns are taken into consideration. And their tastes and
preferences are prioritized. Then designing personalized products becomes easier. Naturally
the said approach influences customer behaviour. And they become emotionally attached to
the product. This is how loyal customers are made!

 AI Fashion1
AI Fashion1

Try it anywhere

Suppose that you are in a store to buy a particular outfit and found an ideal one. What’s
next? You want to try it, right? So you go to the trial room. Imagine you are going through
all these steps sitting at the comfort of your home. Interesting isn’t it? AI can make it
While making online purchases, you can try the clothing on and decide whether to buy or
not. So in effect, there will be no return of products!

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