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Be connected to the outside world; New Ultra Open Earbuds earbuds from Bose

You can wear them throughout the day, and comfortably listen to everyone and everything around.

Bose has introduced its new Ultra Open Earbuds.  The new product doesn’t go inside your ear or reach ear canal.  The earbud is connected to a round battery barrel.  They are attached by a silicon-coated flex arm and the latter sits behind your ear with a button which helps you control the music.

The fashionable product even doesn’t have a visible company logo.  Black and smoke white are the available options and the Ultra Open Earbuds are priced at $299.

The device features Bose’s Open Audio tech.  So the possibility of sound leakage is quite low.

The earbuds are water resistant and rated IPX4.  Continuous playback of 7.5 hours is expected.  The device offers a lengthy battery life as well.

Many customers benefit from the completely open  design of the Ultra Open Earbuds.  For example runners or some other sports enthusiasts including cyclists.  You can hear the noises and sounds around.

Bose Ultra Open Earbuds

This is the second product of its kind from Bose.  In fact, the first one couldn’t impress the market.  Now they are coming with a better one.There is a noticeable flaw.  Wireless charging and multiple Bluetooth connectivity are the common features of modern earbuds.  Unfortunately the new product lacks both!  At the same time the new Ultra Open Earbuds support Qualcomm’s AptX Adaptive for higher bitrate wireless audio.The product is likely to have a mixed response from the market.

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