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Introducing Vids: Google’s Latest Innovation in Video Content(Now limited access for Google Workspace premium members)

Google’s Workspace collaboration app vids.

Google is rolling out a cool new app called Vids, as part of its Workspace collaboration apps. This app makes it easier for companies and regular folks to create videos together. Vids is perfect for making work-related videos like pitches or explanations, without needing to be a video pro. You can gather stuff from Drive and other places and put it all together in a timeline to make a finished video. You can add voiceovers or footage you’ve filmed yourself. Google’s AI, Gemini, can even help out by making a storyboard, writing a script, and providing stock video and audio. Once your video is done, you can share it with others to work on together. You can leave comments, notes, and even edit the video. Google thinks of Vids as a tool just like their other apps that help you get stuff done, making video creation and collaboration as easy as making a spreadsheet.

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