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How electric vehicles can save millions of children from illnesses? Tech news

1. Can we decrease the number of respiratory diseases?

Report from American Lung Association reveals an interesting fact. It says that, infants and children in US will enjoy a healthier life if the people are ready to switch to electric vehicles. According to Will Barrett the report author, we should take proper steps to effectively face the impacts of climate change. And he reminds of the consequences we already face due to air pollution. The report strongly suggests a shift to zero-emission cars and other vehicles by 2035.US Department of Energy says that, carbon emitted from vehicles powered by gas is four times higher than electric vehicles. Battery-powered vehicles are considered zero-emission. In fact it’s not the fact.

2.Carbon emission

Carbon is emitted while manufacturing the cars, building large batteries and while charging them. A shift to zero-emission vehicles is expected to positively impact pediatric asthma, acute bronchitis, pediatrics upper respiratory symptoms and pediatrics lower respiratory symptoms by 2050. And the health benefits will equal 1.2 trillion dollars. Compared to adults, children may breathe more frequently. So compared to elders, their lungs are more exposed to pollution. Pollution even affects unborn children at times.

3.Air pollution

Each year, air pollution causes the death of 8.8 million people! A switch to vehicles primarily benefits the unprivileged community in the society, because majority of them live in undesirable environments. As per government reports, the hike in the number of vehicles in 2022 is just above 5%. Definitely not an impressive change! Certain people suggest to offer financial incentives to those who buy EVs. Mr. Barrett recommends to implement new policies to encourage the shift. The topic has become a hot one in the American election campaigns.

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