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Driving range over 1000 km and recharge in 5 seconds! See namx, the new hydrogen fuel vehicle Tech news

1. Safe fuel filling for hydrogen vehicles

Lack of lithium and infrastructure badly affect electric and hydrogen vehicles respectively. In order to overcome these challenges, an Afro- European startup Pininfarina and namx have made a new discovery.


2. namx Hydrogen utility vehicle or HUV

The vehicle will be launched at the Goodwood festival. Stunning design and performance are the main attractions. At the same time the new hydrogen distribution system ‘CapXtores’ makes the vehicle a standout.This system can be compared to battery swapping stations for electric vehicles. The company plans to expand the services across Europe since it’s a quick and efficient way to refuel.

contemporary hydrogen fuel cell car

3. Higher range and safe storage system

The 6 hydrogen storage cylinders in capsule form give the vehicle 50 km extended mileage. Storage enough to provide 300 km range is installed in the vehicle. Unlike the present fuel filling system, it can be facilitated at swapping stations or even at your doorstep. in namx All 6 cylinders weigh 5 kg each. Each of them gives a mileage of 150 km as well. In addition to this, there is the extended range.

4. Environment-friendly

To a great extent, hydrogen fuel is harmless for our environment as the vehicle uses an electric engine instead of internal combustion engine. The namx battery is charged using hydrogen fuel. Then engine moves on electrical power. Absence of smoke and other pollutions is another major attraction. The common man is eager to know whether the new vehicle will be ‘wallet-friendly’! For various reasons, auto enthusiasts and environmentalists too are keen to know its impact.

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namx hydrogen car

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