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Next-gen AI Model from Google is on its way – Gemini 1.5

The swift and better version has something extra.

Recently Google launched Gemini.  Now here comes Gemini 1.5, the new version which claims to be the next-gen AI Model.Google tells that the new tool will make professional and personal lives of developers and other personnel in business, easier.Gemini 1.5 is a more sharpened version and matches other high-end models.

The tool is made using multiple expert networks (Mixture of Experts or MoE).  The feature makes it easy for Google to operate.  Of course the same technique makes the performance more fast as well.  In fact, Gemini 1.5 has another appealing feature.  The tool can simultaneously handle larger queries and information and find solutions for them.  To be specific, the volume Gemini 1.5 can handle is 10 times more than OpenAI GPT-4 or present Gemini Pro can handle.Really the said feature excites everyone including the CEO Sundar Pichai. Today, businesses and developers can access Gemini 1.5 through Google’s Vertex AI and AI Studio.  And later the tool is expected to replace Gemini Pro and Gemini 1.0.

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