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Mere luck?

As we all know, technology eases our lives. At times Science and Technology teach us few “cosmic laws” as well! When someone puts wholehearted effort in something, he or she will be rewarded someday! Few inventions validate this principle.

If we are too familiar with something, gradually we forget its significance. For example, fire. How many modern humans can have only raw meat or raw vegetables and survive? Not many! Fortunately, to cook we have fire! And the easiest way to light fire is matches!

Why these many companies manufacture them? To a great extent, it’s impossible to live without matches.  Still they are so economic! Why? In fact, we owe it to a pharmacist named John Walker. To mix chemicals he would use wooden sticks. One day the man found some material stuck to a stick. He tried to rub the substance off. Instantly the stick caught fire! Eventually matches were invented. He had a broad vision and John Walker decided not to patent the product.

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