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6 tips to become a Google Gemini Expert – AI tech tips

Gemini has become a main topic of discussion among AI users, definitely for valid reasons.

Want to be an expert? Continue reading.

1. Verify the initial drafts

Gemini gives you several drafts once the prompt is given. Anyway, all the copies won’t

be displayed. So you should click ‘Show Drafts’ , the button on the top right corner. Only

minor variations will be there in the remaining drafts. In fact, differences in the contents

depend on the nature of your prompt. However a click on the reload sign helps Gemini

produce another set of drafts.

2. Modification to responses

It’s not mandatory to move ahead with the very first response from Gemini. Instead you

can adopt other options to get new results. For example, clicking the reload

button. There is a ‘modify response’ button as well. The said button offers 5 options;

namely Shorter, Longer, Simplar, More Casual and More Professional. Still not

happy? Don’t worry. You have chances to modify further with the next prompt. “Need

more fun” for instance.

3. Copy and paste

You may copy texts from other programs or documents and use the same to interact with

Gemini. Of course you can alter the size and content of such text.

Response from Gemini can be taken by copying. There are three dots at the end of each

answer, and behind them there is the response for you to copy. Now paste the content on

any document of your choice!

4. Alter or modify image

Gemini can create images. But the feature is put on hold at the moment. However you

can upload other pictures and scrutinize them. Definitely it helps you improve the quality

of the image in different ways.

5. Sharing chats

Gemini makes sharing communications easy. Choosing the right contents to be shared is

the user’s primary responsibility indeed. The symbol to click and share is there under

each response. The content can be sent directly to Google docs or Gmail.

6. Managing history and activities

A click on ‘Activity’ shows you the options to delete your previous prompts. There are

Turn off’ and ‘Choose an auto-delete option’. The former can be used to stop Gemini

from acquiring information and the latter to delete data after a certain period.

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