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“10 Essential Maintenance tech tips to Keep Your Car/bike Running Smoothly”

Do you have a maintenance schedule for your vehicle?  If not, have one and precisely follow the same.  Needless to say, such a disciplined system ensures better life and performance.  Moreover, your car enjoys a better resale value.  Isn’t it an extra bonus?  But you may not be aware of what exactly are to be done and when, unless you are a mechanical engineer.  Don’t worry as this article gives you clarity.  So continue reading.  To make the process easy, the maintenance system is divided into short-term and long-term.  Remember, it’s recommended to approach qualified technicians if you are not an expert.

Short-term check-ups

1.Pressure of tyre

Have a look at your tyres often.  Well-maintained tyres add to fuel efficiency and a safe driving.  So check the tyre pressure once in a month.

Essential Car/ Bike Maintenance Tips
Tire pressure check Image by freepik

2.Headlights, parking lights, turn signals and brake.  

Check them every month.  You can seek someone’s assistance to ensure all are smoothly functional.

Head light Image by macrovector on FreepikV

3.Oil and filter

Engine oil has multiple functions.  And they include reducing wear and tear, lubricating parts and prevent engine corrosion.  You should replace oil and filter with new ones every 3 months or every 3000 miles.  Frequency depends on the type of your vehicle.  So it’s ideal to have suggestions from an expert.

4.Rotating tyres

The tread wear patterns may differ from tyre to tyre depending on several factors including usage and alignment.  Rotating the tyres helps you extend the lifespan since it balances the tread wear.


Wax your vehicle once in a while, ideally every 6 months.  Only making the car shine is not our goal. Truly there are other benefits.  For instance, waxing fights rust and ultraviolet rays.

6.Oil and coolant 

Long drives take more care.  Levels of oil and coolant should be checked before a long trip.  Engine will be at stake if either of the above is at a low level.

7.Air filter

An easily flowing air filter ensures fuel efficiency and low emissions.  To a great extent, it assures better life for engine as well.

Long-term check-ups

8.Struts and shocks

They are integral parts of steering system and control the impact of rebounds while moving.  Get an expert assistance to inspect struts and shocks.  It’s. recommended every 50000 miles.

9.Spark plugs power

Spark plugs make your engine function. Check them and ensure they ignite the required power.

10.Seasonal check-ups

Environmental changes may affect the functioning of your vehicle.  Then go for a check-up.  They include replacement of windshield wipers, checking battery and coolant and change of tyres.

Transmission fluid

As the name suggests, transmission fluid eases transmission functions.  It’s mandatory to check and change the fluid whenever necessary.

Transfer case fluid

Transfer case shifts power from transmission to axles.  The fluid should be properly checked and changed ideally under an expert surveillance.

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