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“California’s AI Crackdown: Silicon Valley Fights Back”

This piece looks into how folks in Silicon Valley are pushing back against a proposed law in California. This law wants to put new rules on tech companies working in the state. Part of these rules is that AI companies would have to follow a strict safety code. The law says AI firms must promise not to make models with “dangerous abilities,” and it also wants to have a “kill switch” to shut down these models if needed.

People who don’t like this bill argue that it’ll force AI startups to leave the state. They also say it will stop platforms from using open-source models. The Center for AI Safety (CAIS), which is a non-profit connected to the effective altruism movement, is helping sponsor the bill. Also, the article points out that there are more & more rules being made about AI around the globe. It mentions efforts by both US & UK governments to control this new technology.

So, what are the big points of this California bill that are causing all the fuss in Silicon Valley?

Who is helping sponsor this bill, and what’s their link with the effective altruism movement?

What are some of the worries and complaints brought up by people against the California bill?

Silicon Valley’s Up in Arms: New California Law Sparks Outcry

So, there’s this big fuss brewing in Silicon Valley ’cause of a proposed law in California. This law’s got some new rules for tech firms operating there. One part says AI companies need to follow a tight safety code. It also demands those firms not make models with “dangerous abilities,” plus they gotta have a “kill switch” to shut them down if things go wild.

Now, many folks ain’t happy about it. They believe it’ll push AI startups outta California & hinder platforms from using open-source models. The Center for AI Safety (CAIS), tied with the effective altruism movement, is backing this bill too. And don’t miss out – globally, more & more rules on AI are popping up. The article even mentions how both US & UK governments wanna keep a grip on this fresh tech.

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